About Anthony Sasso


Anthony was born in 1963 and grew up in South Florida until the mid 80s. He first set foot on a surfboard at 9 years of age and started skateboarding at the same time. To stay in shape during the South Florida Flat Spells, Anthony started working out at the age of 15.

He graduated from Rollins College with a degree in Economics in 1987, then moved to Telluride,CO to snowboard. Later in 1988, he moved to the North Shore of Kauai where he lived, surfed, got certified as a Life Guard and worked for Captain Zodiac until the early Nineties. He then moved to the east end of Long Island, NY where he started an organic farming business—Wave Cress Farms—and enjoyed surfing the empty winter lineups. In the mid 90s he moved to Manhattan and pursued his passion for Physical Fitness becoming certified in Yoga, Pilates, Kettlebells, TRX and the Stability Ball all while owning and operating his own Pilates studio called Union Square Pilates.

While living in NYC he had to invent a regimen to keep him in good surfing condition, since he was too busy to surf while running his business and could only surf when he took trips about 3 times a year. He decided to combine 2 of his passions—surfing and fitness—and started Fit2Shred. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his daughter and girlfriend.

Anthony has surfed extensively across the Globe including: Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Chile, Easter Island, Uruguay, Tortola, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St. Barts, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, South Africa, Maldives, Indonesia (Mentawais, Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sumbawa and Lombok), Australia (WA, NSW, and QLD), Fiji, Tonga and Hawaii.