Fit2Shred tools for conditioning and strengthening

JumpRope—is mainly a conditioning tool, but can improve coordination also, especially when you add-in fancy footwork like splits (front and side), twists, lateral jumps, and with eyes closed. Find Jump Ropes Here

Kettlebells—mainly a conditioning/strengthening tool when feet are on the ground, but can help coordination when doing behind the body and under-the-knee passes and juggling. It helps your balance when done on a Stability ball, Bosu or Foam roller. One of the best all-around total body workout tools. Find Kettlebells Here

Stability Ball—an essential tool for doing your paddling in conjunction with the resistance tubing. Also essential for all of the different balancing drills you can do. Great for bottom turns and late drops. Find Stability Balls Here

Battling ropes—another great conditioning tool and becomes a balancing tool when used in conjunction with the Stability Ball, Bosu, Foam Roller and rotating discs. Find Battling Ropes

Bosu—one of the best balancing tools ever invented. It has 360’ rotation and you have 2 sides to work with, making it extremely versatile. Great for cutback drills, duckdiving and your pop-up. Find a Bosu Ball Here

Foam Roller—another great balancing tool although a different feel than the Bosu. The Foam Roller is more like surfing and snowboarding in that it is rail to rail instead of 360’. Great for improving your PigDog and pumping inside the barrel. Find a Foam Roller Here

Resistance tubing—One of the best ways to strengthen your lats and shoulders for increased paddling strength and endurance. Find Tubing Here

TRX—A great tool for strengthening your core and improving Balance when done in conjunction with the Stability ball, Bosu and Foam Roller. Great for tail-slides, duckdiving, bottom turns and cutback practice. Find TRX Here

RipFx—A great tool for strengthening your core twisting muscle essential for explosive surfing. When used in conjunction with the Bosu or Foam Roller it perfectly mimics SUP’ing. Also great on a Foam Roller for your PigDog. Find RipFX Here

Trampoline—is great for conditioning the legs, ankles and hips, is also great for getting used to the weightless feeling you get from late drops, airs and halfpipe. Find Your Trampoline Here