SUP Training

Stand up Paddleboarding (SUPing) is the new “it” sport and they are everywhere from the Great Lakes to the Black Sea. The great thing about SUPing is you don’t need waves to do it unless you want to Paddle surf. The only thing is  lugging the huge board around and also needing waves and preferably warm water, if you want to Paddle surf.

“I first used a SUP in Costa Rica in 2009, when the waves were flat, and I was surprised by the skill and the muscles needed to do it. My system will get you in shape to Paddle board and/or Paddle surf.”

Program—We will be using a combination of the following tools to improve and strengthen Paddling Strength, Leg Strength, Endurance, Balance, Core Strength, Paddling stance, Surf stance, Dropping in, Tube-riding, Cutting-back, Off the Tops etc… : RipFx, Jumpropes, TRX, Foam Rollers, Bosu Balls, Swiss Balls, Battling Ropes, Bodyblade, Medicine balls, and Kettlebells. We will be doing a combination of exercises alternating between Aerobic exercises and Core/Balance/Plyometric exercises to make you a better SUPer as well as get you in amazing shape guaranteed.