Surf Training

This system is great for building paddling strength (shoulders, back, arms and rotator cuff) and/or rehabbing any of those areas. It is also great for improving all aspects of surfing from Duckdiving to Tube-riding, and everything in between even Aerials.

“I grew up in Florida in the late 60s and 70s, about 1 mile from the Atlantic Ocean, and was skateboarding at the age of 9. I was on a surfboard at about the same time but didn’t get serious about surfing until I turned 16 and could drive. It has been my driving passion ever since and has led me to travel all over the world as well as live in HI. on Kauai in the late 80s- early 90s.¬†One thing that always frustrated me though was the lack of waves especially in Fla. and how it was hard to practice and stay in shape unless there was surf. This frustration led me to invent my system of training which has kept me excited and surfing better than ever into my late 40s.”